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Superior Fire & Emergency Response Training, LLC is a progressive company whose main goal is to train and educate the future of the Fire and Emergency Service Community.

We have compiled some of the best instructors with an innovative approach to all areas of emergency services. The fundamentals of firefighter training are essential in today’s fire service. As firefighters ourselves, we recognize the value of proficiency on the scene of an emergency or disaster and how important it is to maintain sharp keen skills.

Whether students choose a subject-specific seminar or hands-on training, our company will ensure the highest level of training. Superior Fire & Emergency Response Training, LLC is committed to enhancing the abilities of your firefighters so that they can get the job done in a safe and efficient manner.

The mission of Superior Fire and Emergency Response Training, LLC is to teach “beyond the book” and provide knowledge and skills that will enhance your safety, efficiency, and knowledge as a firefighter. Our goal is to provide “real-world” tips and techniques gained from experience at fires.


BC Robert Seeburger

Co Owner/Instructor

BC Robert Seeburger Jr. has been involved with the Fire Service for over 24 years. Rob is an active career Battalion Fire Chief for a major urban fire department in Hudson County. Throughout his career he has been assigned to Engine, Truck and Rescue Companies. Robert is currently the Special Operations Chief for his Department and oversees all special operations companies. Prior to his assignment Robert was a tour commander for 5 years. He is a New Jersey Level 1 instructor, Fire Investigator and UASI Task Force Member.

Capt. Bob Disbrow

Co Owner/Instructor

Robert Disbrow Jr. IAAI-CFI has been involved with the Fire Service for 28 years including Career, Volunteer, and Federal Departments. Bob is an active career Fire Captain in an urban city fire department based in Hudson County New Jersey. Bob holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science and is a New Jersey Level 2 Fire Instructor, Fire Inspector & Fire Officer 2. He has extensive experience in Fire Investigations, Engine Company Operations, Rescue Company Operations and Special Operations. Bob has published four Fire Investigation articles on and actively instructs throughout New Jersey teaching Fire Service topics. Bob is a District Fire Warden for the New Jersey Forest Fire Service and also serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Fire Science program at Middlesex County College.

Lt. John Drew


John Drew graduated from John Jay University with a Bachelors Degree in Fire Service Administration. He has worked for the New York City Fire Department for the past 17 years. John started his career as a firefighter in Brooklyn, and was then transferred to one of the busiest truck companies in the department. He gained a tremendous amount of experience working in this company and it inspired him to further his career. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2010, and became part of The Special Operations Command in 2012. For the past 3 years he has been assigned as an officer in Squad 270 in South Queens. John is also a certified Fire Instructor II. He frequently teaches at the Technical Rescue School on Randall’s Island. With John’s many years of experience and respect for the job he enjoys teaching other fire fighters and officers different skills to enhance their performance and skills to keep them safe.

Scott Roland


Scott started as a volunteer fireman in 1988 then began his career in 1998 in South Carolina with the North Charleston Fire Department working in the City’s busiest firehouse Engine 2 ladder 2 & Squad 2. He then took a job with the City of Charleston where he was assigned to Engine 3 located on the “East Side ” CFDs busiest area. In 2002 Scott was hired with the City Of New York and assigned to Engine 279 but in 2004 he transferred to Engine 283 one of FDNYs busiest engine companies located in Brownsville Brooklyn. With 29 years in the fire service 19 of which are career Scott’s experience is very diverse in engine and truck tactics he has extensive experience in private dwellings, multiple dwellings, high rise / standpipe buildings and taxpayers.

Thomas Kacsmar


Thomas has been involved in the Fire Service for over 7 years including career and volunteer departments. Tom is a career firefighter in an urban city fire department based in Hudson County, New Jersey currently assigned to an engine company. Tom also has experience in emergency medical services, emergency services communications, emergency management, fire inspections and has been a CPR instructor for over 5 years. Tom is also a certified Fire/Arson Investigator . Tom graduated from New Jersey City University with a Bachelor’s of Science in National Security Studies and is currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science from NJCU.

Jerry Hayes


Jerry is a Level 2 Fire Instructor with the Ocean County Fire Academy and a member of the fire service for over 29 years.
Jerry joined the fire service in 1989 and has served as a volunteer in both Monmouth and Ocean Counties and with the N.J. State Forest Fire service since 1991.
Jerry is a N.J. Licensed Electrician with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and has over 25 years of experience in Industrial Safety and Electrical Hazards.